LEESBURG – Today Congresswoman Barbara Comstock voted for legislation to make large sections of the Trump tax cuts permanent, despite analysis showing today’s bill will add trillions more to the federal deficit:

“Today Barbara Comstock doubled down on her support for the Trump tax cuts that mostly go to the wealthy,” said Wexton campaign spokesman Aaron Fritschner. “She took this vote even though the tax bill on the floor today made the SALT tax hikes on homeowners in her district permanent and failed to address the Trump healthcare sabotage in the previous tax bill. Congresswoman Comstock also voted to further explode the deficit by trillions of dollars, which House Republicans have already said they intend to use as a pretext to cut to Social Security and Medicare.

Comstock’s record of voting with Donald Trump 98% of the time even when it goes against the interests of her own constituents is a record she cannot defend, which is why she has been too afraid to hold a town hall and face her voters. Northern Virginians deserve better representation, and Jennifer Wexton is going to give it to them.”

Internal GOP polling shows that Americans overwhelmingly – and correctly – believe that the Trump tax cuts which Barbara Comstock supports unfairly benefit the wealthy.